“How Can You Explain Grace” by Randall S Daluz

"How Can You Explain Grace" by Randall S Daluz


What . Is . Grace ?
Grace is like being outside on a cold cloudy day
When suddenly the sun appears and warms your face

What are the mechanics of Grace, What can we liken it to?
Grace is like receiving an exorbitant amount of money . unexpectedly .
When the bills are late and the rent is due

What are the orgins of Grace, Where did it begin?
It all started when an innocent man was savagely nailed to a cross
To pay unjust penance for the sins of MAN

How do you obtain Grace, How is it received?
Simply confess with your mouth and believe in your heart
that Jesus is Lord and inception is achieved

What can you do to deserve and become worthy of Grace?
Nothing! It is an unequaled free gift
Selflessly given of the Lord to the entire human race

What is the definition of Grace, what does it mean?
It’s taking something that’s filthy and sinful
And bathing it with Love until it comes clean

Finally, after receiving this Grace, What shall you Gain?
The ablity to defeat death and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven
Where together with the Lord Jesus Christ you shall eternally REIGN!

“How Can You Explain Grace”
Written by Randall S Daluz / Inspired by GOD
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