Let Change Come: Thoughts on George Floyd


Dearly Beloved:

My heart goes out to the family of George Floyd and to all oppressed black people everywhere. When I saw the images of a racist, disgraceful, overseer, kneeling on the neck of a nonviolent black man I became just as sick and enraged as every decent American. As a person of color I am constantly reminded of how little I matter in this country. Thankfully, when I read my Bible I am reminded of how priceless and precious I am to my LORD. For, were it not for HIM, I would feel hopeless.

Many Americans don’t realize that there are no laws against lynching in this country. Black men continue to be lynched on the streets and in courtrooms even as I am writing this. I am of mixed race and I have many white friends. When I talk to them about my journey, it is hard for my white family and friends to understand what its like to be a person of color in America. My white mother gets it because she has personally witnessed the racism I have faced my whole life. 

It was so hard for her to watch me getting lynched by an all white courtroom during my unjust trial. References to my race were constantly injected without a single objection from my lawyers. The white jury, prosecution, judge, my co-defendant’s lawyers, and even my own lawyers put their collective knee on my neck. Its still there slowly, but surely, choking me to death. I have been sentenced to death by incarceration. The only real evidence is my skin. So when I watch other colored people being mistreated or murdered on television it cuts deep within my soul. On my worst days I wonder would I be better off going home to my LORD than to continue living under this oppressive system that clearly hates people who look like me. Never-the-less, not my will LORD, but Your will be done!

Though I prefer peace, I completely understand why people are burning police stations and police cars. Just as I would understand a slave burning a plantation down or the home of an overseer. (What a strange coincidence that overseer and officer sound so similar.) After all, a government should be afraid of its people not the other way around. When cops do the right thing then we should praise them, like the heroes they are, but when they unduly hurt one of us or treat people different according to color we must demand justice. If they won’t listen to reason we must protest until they do. If the roles were reversed and it was four black men murdering a white man, on national TV no less, they would all be immediately arrested for capital murder. There would be nothing fair about their swift trial.

To my white countrymen who are protesting on behalf of their black brethren, I salute you. That’s what really needs to happen. It must be a majority of us all banding together in order to effect change on a grand scale. When they see that the masses in unison want that change, they will have no choice. We cannot stop with police brutality. We must stop institutional racism and class-ism at every level of our government and society as a whole.

As far as burning the flag or kneeling during the national anthem, I disagree wholeheartedly with both. Though I understand the gestures. The American flag and the national anthem are not symbols of the government they are symbols of the people. They belong to us. What we need to do is make them stand for all of the people. We need to hold them to the highest standard.

We are losing our country. We are losing our rights. We are being monitored by ever evolving sophisticated technology – facial recognition, cellphone tracking, warrant-less wire taps, drones, just to name a few. The government is spying on innocent citizens who are not criminals. The government is writing new laws so they can do so unchecked or hindered by constitutional rights. They are circumventing the Constitution. Do you hear what I’m saying? They are circumventing the Constitution. [Maine Law Leaves Room For Unchecked Police Technology Use]  If we don’t stop them soon we will lose every right that has been fought and died for. Satan is controlling this nation.

I believe that GOD allowed this virus to wake us up. I just hope enough of us do. We have an opportunity to change this nation. Its not about making America great again. With our checkered past, that’s a joke. What we need to do is make America great – period! Not with liberty and justice for some, but for all of us.

I believe it can happen. I just hope I live to see it.

I want to be clear here. I am not an anarchist. I believe in a fair and balanced police force. I believe in real justice for everyone. I do not agree with nor do I believe in our current unbalanced and unjust system. I believe that all power belongs to the people and should come from GOD. In GOD we must trust, not the government. For, most governments are inherently evil and corrupt. The founding fathers didn’t want a government because they knew that it would inevitably become what it is now – all powerful and corrupt. So they put certain protections into the Constitution to ensure that we could put the government in check when it gets to where it is right now. In fact, Thomas Jefferson famously said we should have a revolution in this country every hundred years to keep the government fair and balanced. He also said that he would rather see a thousand guilty men go free than for one innocent man to go to prison. I say he is right and we have lost those values in this nation.

To the family of George Floyd: I love you in Christ. Thank you for sharing brother George with us. Thank you for your sacrifice. His death will not be in vain, for he is a martyr for the cause of freedom. It is so fitting that he is a Christian man. I can’t wait to meet him in Heaven.

May God bless and keep you all and may God bless America. Be safe out there! 

Love in Christ, 
Your brother, Randall
(A man who believes in God and true freedom)

Don’t Be Like The Man With The Dead Legs

randall daluz coronavirus covid19 attitude hopeSeveral weeks ago, I was speaking to my dearest friend, Terry. She was going through some stressful times. I told her a story about a conversation I had had the night before. I was standing in the prison med line in the medical department as is my nightly routine. I got into a conversation with a fellow convict and believer about how wonderful it is to have our faith. We discussed how blessed we are even in prison. An older man who was in line with us interjected with, “Oh y’all are blessed and favored, huh? What are you doing in prison if your so blessed?”
I looked at him and said, “Only my body is in prison. My soul belongs to GOD. I am blessed because I have a guaranteed spot in heaven when my soul leaves this body. That’s how I have joy… even in here.”
At that, he laughed. ” Ha ha ha!!!! That’s a good one alright. How ya know if there’s a Heaven fool?”
“My LORD promised me that there is and that I have a place in HIS divine kingdom,” I said with complete conviction.
“Well ain’t you something then huh?”, he said.
“You could go to Heaven too,” I said. “You could have the same joy as I do.”
“Look at me!”, he said. “You see these rotten legs and the sickness and age in my body?” He is in his sixties and his legs are necrotic. The tissue is dying and the doctors want to amputate them, but he won’t let them. “I only got 8 teeth left out of 32. My bones and my joints ache and my back is crooked. GOD AIN’T DONE NOTHING FOR ME! I got no reason to feel joy. Ain’t no Heaven. This here is hell!”, he passionately proclaimed.
There was no consoling him. No matter what I or my brother in Christ said, he wouldn’t hear it.

When I had finished with the story, I said to Terry, “Don’t be like the man with the dead legs. Have faith in GOD and be joyful.”
“Wow!” she said. “That was a great story. You should write it down and share it with others.”
All of that happened weeks before I ever the words: “coronavirus” or “COVID-19”. I dragged my feet when it came to writing this and I am glad that I did because now is a very fitting time for this story.

randall daluz medical mask virusOur country and our world is going through a lot right now. Faith is what we need right now. It is what will sustain us through this. As I am writing this, I am in a prison for something I didn’t even do. Prison is probably the worst place to be during a plague. It is close quarters and there is no escaping a virus. Not far from here, 12 people have died in a veterans home. To top it all off, I have both asthma and a chronic lung disease. Which means I am among the most likely people to die if I catch this virus. Not only that, but the people who run this place, the ones in charge of my care, are also the most dangerous threats to me. Any one of them could become infected and thus infect me. Some of them refuse to wears masks and gloves, putting me at even greater risk. Am I scared? Sometimes. But when I feel low, I remember the second song of praise I ever learned way back when I was a child in Sunday school. “HE’S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS. HE’S GOT THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD IN HIS HANDS. HE’S GOT THE TINY LITTLE BABIES IN HIS HANDS. HE’S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS.” That song plays in my head and I am soothed. I pray and recite Romans 8:28. I remind myself of John 3:16. I hold on to the hope and promise that I have in JESUS. PRAISE HIS NAME AND SHOUT HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! GOD is with us! Of whom shall we be afraid, my brothers and sisters? I am not afraid to physically die for my soul will live forever in the kingdom of GOD!!!!!!!! If you believe yours will too, then shout Amen!!!!!!!!! And fear not for you are a child of GOD and yours is the kingdom of Heaven!!!!!!!

randall daluz finances hard timesNow, I know times is hard. Some of you have lost your jobs. You can’t pay your rent and you don’t know where your next meal or paycheck will come from. Maybe you own a small business and the stimulus may not be enough to save it. You might get buried in debt. Perhaps your house is headed for foreclosure or you’re dipping into your kids college fund or maybe your retirement fund. I say, “Rejoice and have faith in GOD!!!!!!!!!” GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAISE HIM FOR KNOW MATTER WHAT HAPPENS YOU WILL BE OKAY!!!!!!! Maybe you’ve been praying and haven’t gotten what you asked for. HE does things in HIS own time not ours. The Jews prayed and prayed for deliverance yet they spent 400 years in captivity before GOD sent them Moses. HE made them promises and HE made good on them in HIS time. I say rejoice and have faith right now.

You know, I don’t know what’s coming. Where I am sitting right now I am helpless. I have zero control over what happens. What I can control is my faith and my attitude. I don’t know about you, but personally, I do not trust the news. I saw how unfair and untruthful they truly are through my case. If you knew a friend or family member who stretched out the truth, lied at times, or sensationalized stories, you wouldn’t exactly take their word for it when they told you things. You would consider the source and their motivations. Its scary depending on that source to tell you what’s going on. Your mind can get away on you and anxiety, fear, sadness, and depression take over. Peace and be still. GOD IS GREAT ALL THE TIME. If you’re saved you will be okay no matter what happens. If you’re not, then I pity you. That is a very unsettling position to be in. If I were you I would consider where I’m going should I die. I implore you to seek and accept JESUS as your personal LORD and SAVIOR. Do it now without any doubt or delay. If you mean it, I promise you that everything will work in your favor.

To all you true believers I say to you, “Rejoice and be calm. Don’t be like the man with dead legs!”




Farewell Dear Brother

Tom ShufordJohn 14:1-4  “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also. And where I go you know, and the way you know.”

Dearly Beloved:
May God’s peace, comfort, glory, and light be ever upon you.
It is with a deep and heavy heart that I must report to you that one of the most decent human beings that I have ever met has died today. My dear brother, mentor, friend, and pastor Tom Shuford has gone to be with the LORD. I found out not twenty minutes ago. I am thankful that he is no longer suffering and happy that he is with the LORD, but that does not stop my heart from hurting nor prevent me from feeling his loss. I miss my brother. He was one of the kindest and gentlest souls that I have ever met. His bravery and strength was a wonder to me. The LORD sent him to me in my darkest hour.

In April of 2014, the Lord blessed me with Tom’s presence for the first time. It was one month prior to the beginning of my triple murder trial. I knew that I would be going in front of an all-white jury, in a city that was not my own, clothed in brown skin, and labeled a drug dealer. I didn’t stand a chance and I knew it. I was nearly five hours away from home with no one there to support me. My faith in GOD was strong, but I would be lying to you if I said I was not lonely and frightened. And then came my brother, Tom. I knew instantly he was a GOD-send. His body was frail, but his spirit and strength were absolutely remarkable. I am reminded of a saying which was passed on to me, “Sometimes GOD calms the storm. Sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child.” When I met Tom, I was in the midst of a terrible, raging storm and GOD ALMIGHTY sent Tom to calm HIS child. THANK YOU, JESUS! HALLELUJAH! PRAISE HIS NAME!

My life was never the same after I met Tom, nor shall it ever be the same now that he is gone. Nearly four years after we met, he is gone. My brother Tom had been battling several chronic ailments for over thirty plus years of his life. He fought hard. He fought valiantly. He held his head high throughout and I never heard him curse or say an unkind word about anybody. His wife who was by his side for nearly twenty years, was there when Tom fought the last of the battle. She told me he remained brave until the very end and insisted that the doctors do all they could to keep him alive. Tom was not scared of death. NO SIR! For he was a true believer and soldier of the LORD! It was not for fear that he did not want to die, it was so he could continue to serve the LORD by ministering to people like me. You see, even though he was sick and suffering and he knew he would be with the LORD when he died, he wanted to stay here as long as he could to help the LORD save the LOST souls. AMAZING! THANK YOU FOR TOM JESUS! The LORD in his grace and mercy said: “ENOUGH MY SON, IT IS TIME TO COME HOME WITH ME.” And bring him home he did. No more suffering. No more pain, my brother. LORD knows I miss you, Tom. I pray I blessed you even half as much as you blessed me. Thank you for loving a wretched sinner like me. Thank you for your kinship and kindness. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for fostering and mentoring me. I have so-called friends and family that knew me my whole life and never showed the kindness, generosity, nor dedication that Tom did.

I have been writing a book about Tom and me. I vow to finish and publish it. I want the whole world to know how special Tom was. I vow to pick up his mantle and serve the LORD in his honor. This website and ministry would not have happened if Tom was not the instrument of the LORD that he was and still is. He touched so many people. He served faithfully till the end. On Monday the 26th of March 2018, he went to a prison to preach the gospel one last time. He was sick, but he still went. A few hours later he went to the hospital where he died the next day. I wonder how many of us will be able to say that we served the LORD till our dying day? Tom, my brother, thank you for being an example to us all.

I would love to write more, but my tears won’t let me right now.
I dedicate this song to my dear brother in Christ.

May GOD bless and keep you! May your heart be pure!
May none of us ever forget Tom Shuford!
Love In Christ,
Randall Daluz

Fighting Through Pain

Dearly beloved: May GOD’s peace, mercy, love, joy, and healing grace be ever upon you. Pain, it is the most difficult of all our emotions. It is also the most destructive. If left to fester, it leads to hate, anger and sadness. If we do not control it, it makes us depressed and causes us to lash out. As a convict in a supermax prison, I am living in a house of pain. I myself sometimes suffer from it. It is very easy to fall into despair when you are serving a life sentence for crimes you did not commit. Satan loves to kick us when we are down. He often tries to plant doubt in my head. He tells me there is no use in fighting for my freedom or seeking justice. He tells me that I am worthless and hopeless. He tells me that no matter what I do I will die in here. He tells me that nobody cares about a colored ex-drug dealer and alcoholic. He tells me that I am a failure and. a loser who is washed up. He says I am nothing more than a waste of talent and no one will take pity on me or believe in me. I am not going to lie to you. Even as a man of faith, sometimes I want to give up and believe his dirty lies. There are times when my family is not able to visit me for months. During those times I often break down and cry. I sleep all day unable to get out of bed. A lot of you know exactly what I am talking about. Don’t you? Don’t you just want to give up and die sometimes? You see, we may not be in the same boat, but we are all traveling on a turbulent river called life. We can relate on many levels. You know what I do at my lowest points? I pray and read my bible and sometimes I feel instant joy, but other times it takes me a while to come out of my funk. This situation hurts and at times it feels hopeless. (more…)

Praying For Texas

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwi858rGRPg0lFFVycFvvWADearly Beloved: May GOD’s Love, peace, mercy, and understanding be ever upon you. I regret having to write yet another post about a mass shooting. These senseless acts of violence weigh on our hearts. To my brothers and sisters in Sutherland Springs, Texas, I send my deepest condolences. I am so very sorry for your loss. I know that you know that your loved ones are in the hands of our mighty father. They are at peace and are living in the splendid bliss of our LORD. You will rebuild your church congregation. You will someday heal. Just do your best to give your pain to JESUS. PRAISE HIS NAME! God did not cause this pain, but He will see you through if you let Him. We Love you very much and we are praying earnestly for you Texas. The thought of this happening during a service is incomprehensible to me. I am at a loss for words. I just wanted to send this prayerful message to you and to remind you that our GOD is an awesome GOD. I ask all of our readers from all over the globe to join me in prayer, not only for Texas but for all victims of violence and all persecuted people everywhere in the world. (more…)

Massacre In Sin City

https://static.pexels.com/photos/161772/las-vegas-nevada-cities-urban-161772.jpegJohn 3:18-21   “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.”

Dearly Beloved:  May Gods grace, peace, mercy and love be ever upon you.  Let me start by giving my heart felt condolences to all of the victims of the Las Vegas massacre.  The man who perpetrated that act was obviously very troubled and no doubt plagued by demons.  Evil is ever present awaiting an opportunity to infect us and turn us against each other.  The further away man drifts from God, the easier we are to manipulate.  Even those of us who are saved must maintain constant vigilance.  We have to stay in our bibles and go to church.  The Word is our shield and our guide.  If we stray from the path of light, then we open ourselves up to sin.  Let me tell you that from experience.  Being in prison is very difficult.  There are no words to accurately describe it.  You have to live it in order to understand it.  I have strayed from the path on more than one occasion and each time I have been met with catastrophe.  This is a very unforgiving environment.  You can be beaten or stabbed in the blink of an eye.  It is very difficult to stay on the path.  I struggle.  We all do.  None of us are immune to evil.  Once infected, it will consume us if we do not enlist the help of our LORD to expel it. (more…)

Letter To A Southern Baptist Church

https://www.pexels.com/photo/vintage-old-start-typewriter-101708/Dear beloved brothers, sisters and valued friends.
Let me start by offering you all a very sincere apology.  It has been too long since I have written.  I am in the middle of my second appeal.  I have been working very hard on proving my innocence and exposing the corruption of our broken justice system.  A very well respected and well known legal scholar has written about my case and the poor job my ex-lawyer did defending me.  It has set the legal world abuzz and could lead to the case being overturned – only by GOD’s mighty grace!  I feel Him working on my behalf.  More importantly than going home, I want to expose the racism and corruption and bring it from darkness to light.  Doing so is my duty as a Christian and an American; for by preventing others from suffering what I and countless others have experienced, l am following my LORD’s command: Love thy neighbor as ye love thyself.  People are getting lynched in the courtrooms of this country.  They are being brutalized by corruption, degraded by hate and hung by injustice.  Our brother Martin Luther King said “An attack on justice anywhere is an attack on justice everywhere.”  Amen!  Too many of us Christians sit idly by and watch what we know is wrong in silence.  And in so doing, we become accomplices to satan and his evil schemes.  It is not only people of color that this is happening to.  Poor white brothers and sisters are being lynched too.  Class-ism has always been one of the many vile faces of racism. (more…)

Murdered By Hate

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAoqhV48AvgEcclesiastes 6:1  “There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, and it is common among men”

Dearly beloved:
My GOD! MY GOD! MY GOD!  Please, Father, bring comfort to the family and friends of Heather Heyer.  Oh LORD, let her death not be in vain.  LORD, let the hate mongers fail and fall!  AMEN AND AMEN!!!

I send my most sincere and heartfelt condolences to the LOVED ones of Heather Heyer and all those who have suffered loss due to the wickedness of hate.  My beloved, I am angry, hurt and outraged over what is happening in the streets of America.  A brave and beautiful person named Heather Heyer was murdered by a confused, racist coward in Charlottesville, Virgina.  I am proud of Heather for standing up to racism.  I am proud that she was white and yet she stood up for people of color like me.  I am proud of her courage and patriotism.

As I sit here watching events unfold, I am struck by the fact that people are actually fighting to keep statues of American traitors and tyrants.  Why not put up a statue of Tim McVeigh?  He was a white supremacist terrorist traitor who attacked his own country just like the confederates.  It would be equal to the statues of confederates.  This is America and we ought not celebrate tyrants who seek to destroy what we stand for as a nation.  They should not be exalted. (more…)

North Korea Nuclear Threats

https://www.pexels.com/photo/grayscale-photo-of-explosion-on-the-beach-73909/Dearly Beloved:  May GOD’s Grace, Peace, Protection and Salvation be ever upon you.  Folks, we may be headed for a nuclear war. We have all seen the news.  I had hoped and prayed for an end to this madness with North Korea, but it appears that war is inevitable.  Only GOD knows for sure.  As a Christian who has eternal salvation I do not fear for my own life.  I welcome the opportunity to be with my LORD, but I fear for those who are not saved.  I am neither suicidal nor in a rush to die.  I have a purpose and a mission to LOVE and spread salvation on behalf of JESUS CHRIST.  That is my reason for being.  Thus, I must fight at all cost to live.  Like all Christians, I am duty bound to serve the LORD in this way.  Right now, I fear not for myself but for my family members who are not saved and all unsaved people all over the globe.  I want to see all of you in Heaven.  I want all of you to have the assurance that I have in the LORD.  All of you out there in the free world are the reason this site exists.  I am not some “doomsday prophet”.  The LORD has said that we neither know the day or the hour of His return and He meant it.  I know a lot of you are scared right now.  You know who should be the most frightened right now?  The people who have not accepted the LORD as their Savior.

This threat we now face is not just an American threat.  This threat is a world threat.  It affects all of us.  This is the biggest threat our world has faced since World War 2 and the Cuban Missile Crisis in the sixties.  We had to come together as a world then and we must now.  It is sad, but it seems that the threat of world destruction brings us all closer together as global citizens.  Kim Jong-un is the evilest tyrant we have faced since Hitler.  He is a sociopathic dictator who forces his people to worship him as a god.   (more…)

Death Knows No Color

https://www.pexels.com/photo/graveyard-grave-stones-gravestones-graves-7911/Dearly beloved:  May GOD’S grace, peace, love, mercy and protection be ever upon you.  I want to talk to you about an equal opportunity employer – DEATH!  Death knows no color, political association nor gender.  Death kills indiscriminately.  I was very troubled by the news that a young and attractive woman by the name of Justine Damond was gunned down by a police officer in Minnesota.  She was a white woman, but regardless of the color of her skin, her death matters every bit as much as anyone else. The bullets that pierced her flesh did not care whether or not she was white or black.  The country is stunned and for the first time in a long time people are beginning to realize that we are all at the mercy of the police.  Our crooked and broken system of law needs to change.  The chief of police resigned over the incident which is something that I have not seen in the cases of murdered black men.  Death knows no color, but people do.  And that hurts us as a society.  I found it both refreshing and encouraging that people of color spoke out about this tragedy and I pray that more will.  It is only when we are able to truly understand and empathize with one another that we can truly begin to heal as a people.  My country is so divided by hate and misunderstanding.  The vultures who are in power use that division to blind us to the truth.  It is only when we unite in love that we will triumph over hate.  GOD is LOVE and LOVE is GOD!!!  I don’t know what happened in Minnesota.  None of us do.  I pray that people reserve judgement against the officers involved.  Don’t be so quick to point fingers; For in so doing you could condemn an innocent man for an accidental death.  I am praying for officer Mohamed Noor and his family. (more…)

Troubled By Struggle

https://pixabay.com/en/handcuffed-arrest-oppression-racism-1251664/Dearly Beloved:
May God’s peace, love, joy and mercy be ever upon you.
Well, it has been a while since I have written you.  My apologies for that.  I have been troubled by my struggle.  I have just turned in my second appeal.  Since I cannot afford a lawyer, I had to do it myself.  My last lawyer betrayed me.  She purposely left things out of my last appeal to prevent me from bringing them up at my federal appeal.  I attempted to file my own response to the court so that I could preserve the issues, but she went behind my back and did it – thereby taking away any chance I had to preserve those issues.  She was appointed by the State.  My trial lawyer also failed me and purposely sabotaged my case.  It turns out he used to represent one of the victims and he is friends with the prosecutor.  Witnesses were tampered with, evidence is missing and the judge, William Anderson, refused to let a witness, who my co-defendant confessed to, testify.  His testimony would have had a major impact and could have led to me proving my case; yet William Anderson refused to let him speak.  He did, however, allow the State to present a witness who gave six different statements and originally said I had not had any involvement.  But, on the day the trial started, she now claimed she saw me with a gun, two years after her first statement.  The police had arrested her and forced her to testify.  She is a serious heroin user and was going through withdrawal.  The only way she could get out and get a “fix” was to say what the cops wanted her to say on the stand.  Of course, she was provided drugs and cigarettes the morning she testified.  Even with all that, William Anderson deemed her credible.  The witness that would have testified on my behalf is a credible federal witness who has provided viable and truthful information in at least one other case; yet Judge Anderson is clearly biased against me and now he will decide the appeal I just turned in. (more…)

A Letter To The President

https://pixabay.com/en/envelope-letters-leave-shiny-post-392960/Dear Mr. Trump a.k.a. “The Donald”:
May God’s mercy, peace, truth and strength be ingrained on every fiber of your being.  May you seek and find His forgiveness and learn to follow His commandments.  Mr. Trump, I do not hate you nor mean you harm, sir.  I am neither your judge nor your jury.  From the beginning of your presidency, I have prayed for you and gave you the benefit of doubt because you are my president.  I have hoped that you would be a man of integrity and that you would bring justice, strength and prosperity to our great nation and the world.  In the beginning, during your candidacy, I took a hard stance against you.  I thought you to be a hate monger and a liar.  Though you claimed to be my brother in CHRIST, I was hesitant to accept your claim for it appeared to me that you are not in line with Christian values nor our founding principles given and commanded by the LORD our GOD.
Matthew 22:37-40  Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’   On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”
But, I could not judge you for the LORD reminded me of John 8:7 – “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.”