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“The God Principle” by Randall S Daluz


Nothing means Nothing. It cannot be multiplied, added, subtracted, or divided. From Nothing you get Nothing. Therefore logic tells us that everything started from something. In order for something to be created it must have a creator. We live in a world of patterns, and patterns suggest order, and order suggests a divine plan for everything. Thus we can deduce that there is nothing random about our existence. Not only do we have a purpose we are also powerful. We are the only beings on this planet that can change ourselves mentally, physically, and most importantly spiritually. How is it that we could obtain such power randomly?
Surely it is illogical for one to believe that everything randomly came from nothing? Right? Yet that is exactly what is happening. We are being taught that idiocy in our schools, and thus our society is becoming ever more sickly. We are becoming a depressed, delusional, self loathing, pill popping, drug and alcohol addicted, race of pitiful losers. Feeling worthless beyond material wealth. We owe all that to greedy, evil, ego maniacal, corporate vampires; who manipulate us with lies and fear in order to make us easy prey. We are slowly and methodically becoming faithless, mindless, heathens. We are steadily being fed lies. To keep us reliant on the status quo. We are being taught not to rely on God, and made to believe that our government, employers, and those with money are our higher power. We think we are advancing as a society, but really we are regressing back to the ways of our ancestors. They fell away from God and became idolaters. Winston Churchill said “the further we look into our past the more we understand our future”. We who believe know that God is love. As the world’s faith in God diminishes so to does its faith in love. Without love what can we accomplish? Thankfully there is a remedy to this dire circumstance we find ourselves in. There is redemption, salvation, and purpose. The best part is it won’t cost us a dime. It has already been paid for with blood. All we need to do is humble ourselves, shed our foolish pride, admit our sins, acknowledge our creator, and ask his forgiveness. Simple! This is the basis and the foundation of the God principle.


“The God Principle”
Written by Randall S Daluz
© 2014
All Rights Reserved