Monthly Archive: July 2016

Unchain Your Heart 2:15  “…and release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.”

Dear Readers:  Many of us spend a great deal of our lives in bondage, chained down by sin, pain, shame, loneliness and sadness.  I tell you that even though I am in physical bondage, I am freer than most people outside of the prison in which I reside.  Though my body is confined, I am spiritually free.  Indeed, I feel more free than I ever did in the outside world.  Hallelujah!  Praise God!  My mind has been unlocked.  My heart is no longer encased.  My soul has escaped the confines of death; for I am eternal in Christ Jesus.  That means that I shall never taste death, nor shall I ever know defeat.  I have not attained such on my own.  I traded my old life for a new one by accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  From the moment I first believed, I became eternally free.  Praise God!  And, I have never looked back.  My eyes stay on heaven and the glory of the Lord. (more…)

God Loves America

pexels_woman-women-united-states-of-america-flag-92730Dearly beloved:  May God’s peace, mercy, love, light, blessings and grace be upon you and may GOD bless America, land that I love.
My country has not always been good to me nor I to it, but I truly Love America and at least part of her loves me.  Any true blue U.S. citizen holds a special place in his or her heart for this great nation.  I must admit that I am very afraid for my beautiful country.  I do not normally get involved in politics on this site, but l feel compelled to speak my mind.  There is a menace who threatens every ideal, every value that we hold dear and his name is Donald Trump.  I am afraid because many right leaning Christians seem to be ready to vote for the Donald, as he is arrogantly referred to.  Having no other choice of republicans to choose from, there seems to be a growing contingent among Christians who are willing to vote for Trump.  Despite the fact that he is clearly not in line with Christian values, Trump teaches hate and discontent.  He is a step backwards not forward for us.  I’m not saying Hillary is the right choice either, but she does not scare me in the way Trump does.  This fourth of July, as I reflect on the majesty of this great nation, I cannot help but fear for her future. (more…)