Take Jesus With You Everywhere You Go

etsy_hand-lettered-vintage-globe-matthewMatthew 28:19-20  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

Dear Friends,  May God’s peace, love and joy be ever upon you.  I have been moved to Massachusetts.  I already miss my brothers and sisters in Christ from Maine.  My work for the Lord in Maine is done for now.  The Lord achieved victory there and now I must move on to do His work wherever He calls me.  It is very strange to be in new surroundings.  After 3+ years in Maine, it is a bit of a culture shock.  I am finally out of segregation.  Though solitary confinement wore on me some, it also gave me a chance to draw nearer to the Lord.  I learned to trust in Him with all of my heart and soul.  It was Jesus who sustained me through it all.  He strengthened me and taught me never to give up.  He gave me peace and prepared me to face the upcoming battles ahead.  Right now, I am in a classification prison, but I will soon be sent to a prison which is three times the size of Maine State Prison.  After seven and a half months of solitary, it is very strange to be out of my cell and around so many people.  The cell block I am in houses 50 men.  It is not easy to adjust.  In many ways, I am still in solitude as I have found it more comforting to be alone presently.  There is a church service tonight and I am looking forward to communing with other Christians.  Unlike the persecution I faced at M.S.P., here in Massachusetts, church is a sacred institution and is a mandatory part of all prisons.  They would never have banned my pastor from seeing me, nor would they have punished me for writing about Jesus on this site.  I am sure, though, that I will surely face other forms of persecution.  I fear not – for the Lord is with me.  He has plans for me that no one can stop – for who can defeat the Lord?  When I entered the transport van that brought me here, the radio was on and as we exited through the gates of Maine State Prison, the song “We Are The Champions” was playing.  I could not help but smile.  It was so fitting.  I pointed my shackled hands toward the sky and said, “Yes, we are the champions, Lord, by your grace alone Father, by your grace alone.”  Jesus once again reminded me that He is with me and that I am doing His will.

As I am sitting here writing this with my Bible open, a fella came over and said, “Okay, you’re into the Bible.  I like that.  I don’t want to bother you, but can we talk when you’re done writing?”  “Sure”, I said, “I would be happy to.”  Amazing!!!  Here I am writing about solitude and God says, “Oh, no you don’t.  You got work to do, Randall.  Get to it!”  I just know that everything is going to be fine.  The Lord has kept me plenty busy these last three and a half years.  I have been working so hard for Him that I really haven’t done much prison time.  As long as I focus on God, I will never truly be in prison.  There are no bars in Jesus Christ.  In Him is only freedom.  You see, my jailers think they have me locked up, but the joke’s on them.  For I am freer than most of them.  I need only keep my mind occupied on the Lord and His will for me.  He has given me a ministry and charged me to be His ambassador.  And, I shall abide with great joy in my heart.  For who would ever have thought that the Lord would use someone like me to do His work?  I thank Him every day and say, “Lord, I am not worthy to serve you.”  I never imagined that my life would go in this direction. I never dreamed that I would have such purpose and meaning.  My beautiful brothers and sisters, I beseech you.  Give your life to the Lord’s purpose.  You truly have no idea how wonderful and fulfilling your life will be.

This prison that I am currently in is the oldest prison in Massachusetts.  It has the old school bars on the cells.  Modern prisons have metal doors instead of bars.  There are no windows.  It is very dungeon-like.  Yet, the Light of Jesus is shining bright from within me.  I will be a beacon of God’s light here just like He has allowed me to be in every other prison.  They can keep the sun out, but not the Light of the Lord.  Despite the drab and gloom of this place, I am looking forward to what lies ahead.  Who knows what God has in store for me.  Anything is possible with Jesus.  That is one of the joys of serving Him.  You never know what lies just around the bend.  Pray for my continued strength please, my brothers and sisters.  As usual, I am in the lion’s den and if I do not remain strong and steadfast in the Lord, maintaining faith and courage, these lions shall rend me in pieces.  I thank you all so much for sharing this journey with me.  You are truly a blessing to me.  May the Lord use my experiences to inspire you all.
John 8:12  Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”
May God bless and keep you!  May you take Jesus with you everywhere you go!  May you, too, find God’s purpose for you!
Love in Christ,
(A man who takes Jesus with me everywhere I go)