Jody Webber

Interview with Jody Webber on 8/30/2013 at PCJ, Bangor, Maine:

When I first met Jody Webber, I saw God in his eyes. I could sense the Holy Spirit in him. It wasn’t long after meeting him that I knew I wanted to get some of his story on paper. Jody and I were roommates for a short while. During our time together we got to know each other through a series of conversations. I learned that brother Jody is a beautiful artist. I know him to be kind and generous. Like all men, Jody struggles with sin. One can see when you talk to him that he desires to do right by God. I pray that he continues to grow in the Lord and allows Jesus to break the chains that have bound him to the vicious cycle he has been trapped in.

Q1: Tell me a bit about your background, your age, where you grew up – that sort of thing.

I’m 46, grew up on the Maine coast. I have worked on boats most of my life. I grew up around older guys and basically did whatever I wanted.”

Q2: Tell me about your jail history; such as, how old you were when you were first incarcerated and how many years you have done in your life. I do not need to know what brought you to prison unless you would like to share.

I first went to jail at the age of 18 for assault and criminal mischief – that was 1986. From there I started getting in trouble throughout my life for violence and alcohol related crimes.

Q3: Tell me about your experience with the Lord. What is your church background and how did you become the believer you are now?

When I was young, I went to church every Sunday for 13 years. As I got older I fell away from it and I gravitated to anything that made sense until I realized Jesus is the only thing that really makes sense.

Q4: How has being saved changed you?

I actually have a new peace of mind. I no longer experience anxiety about what’s happening in the world. I trust in the Lord and I find that things go more smoothly when I pray that His will be done.

Q5: You are a very talented man. Would you share with us what your abilities are and in what craft you are skilled?

Drawing and also building and designing boats. I also enjoy woodworking as a hobby. I find that the busier I am, the less trouble I get into.

Q6: I know you are getting out on September 1st, 2014. What are your plans and will you be attending church?

I will definitely be going to church. I have custody of my 5-year-old son now. I look forward to getting him off to school and teaching him to live a godly life.

Q7: Is there anything you think you need to accomplish your goals? I guess I’m asking – Do you feel you have the proper support out there; from your family and more importantly, from the body of Christ [meaning, your brothers and sisters in the Lord]?

I think I have a lot of support. I will be attending a new church in my area. I am very optimistic about my future.

Q8: Do you believe your faith has grown in here? How so?

I do believe my faith has grown a lot. I have actually learned to accept people regardless of their crime. I figure if Jesus can forgive them, so can I.

Q9: In what ways has attending church services and bible studies improved your time here behind bars?

It has given me peace and stability.

Q10: What advice do you have for other brothers and sisters who are doing time?

Stay in the bible, attend services and keep the faith. Do not be afraid to ask people with more experience in the bible to help guide you in the Word.

This is a prayer that brother Jody lives by:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love,
Where there is injury, pardon
Where there is doubt, faith,
Where there is despair, hope,
Where there is darkness, light,
Where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much
seek to be consoled as to console,
not so much to be understood as to understand,
not so much to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Brother Jody’s prayer request:

Pray for the people in prisons and the ones that are coming home.

Special “Thanks” to Jody for contributing his artwork for the website.  I did not get a chance to ask him to title it before he went home, so we are calling it “Christ Is The Key”.

 “Christ Is The Key”
© 2014
Artist: Jody Webber