Interviews Introduction

interview1At the bottom of the Interviews page is my very first interview with Jody Webber.  I was very excited to share it with you because it is so much more than just an interview. It was my first attempt to bring the outside in; to show the humanity that lies trapped behind the steel, brick and mortar. Most importantly, it was my first attempt to show human value that exists within a so-called criminal; not just the value that society may or may not see, but the value that our Lord Jesus Christ sees.

I, being just a man, cannot express in words the full measure of our Lord’s love for mankind. My hope is that I can at least offer a glimpse. My dream is to show you that though we may be convicts, we are still men with the same hopes, dreams and feelings as those of you on the outside. Many of us love God with all of our hearts and we have complete faith in His will.

One of the problems with the prison system as it is, is that it separates people from society – which means it also separates brothers and sisters in Christ from each other. I pray that in some small way God will use me and others to bridge the gap.