“The Word Of God” by Randall S Daluz

"The Word Of God" by Randall S Daluz


You must follow the Word, For it is the truth
You must believe in Jesus, For He is the proof
that there is a God of the heavens, and also the earth,
whose Son is redemption and can fill you with mirth

Lord Jesus came to teach us and die for our sin.
He uses His Word to reach us, If we invite Him to come in
to the darkness in our hearts, so He can turn it to light
and once He is within us, we shall shine eternally bright.

He is the author of salvation, the liberator of men
He can free us from pain and suffering, For He is greater than them
Through His apostles and disciples, He builds up His church
To give us meaning and purpose and put an end to our search

Jesus is the scriptures, to comprehend that it’s really not hard
Read The Gospel of John, chapter one:
In the beginning was the Word
And the Word was with God
And the Word was God.

“The Word Of God”
Written by Randall S Daluz
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