“The Source Of Light Straight Ahead At The Crossroad Of Life” by Randal Aube

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There is a source of light straight ahead as I look at the Crossroad.
As I stand there at this crossroad, I see a bright light, it’s straight ahead.
When I look to the right, there is nothing but darkness; nothing but darkness to the left.
But, straight ahead there is a source of light.
As I stand here at this crossroad, I look straight ahead to this source of light.
I can hear a voice calling me so soft and sweet.  I look around and darkness is all I see.
As I look behind me, I see the fire of hell burning bright and hot with nothing but moaning and gnashing of teeth.
I quickly turn straight ahead and the source of light is even brighter than before.
I can hear the voice of a man calling me by name.
I stand still at the crossroad and just look straight ahead.
I ask myself – Is this source of light a train?  Am I going to be dead?
Then, I hear the voice again, say “Come to me, my son”
Now I know that the source of light straight ahead at this crossroad is Jesus Christ.
I try to run to Him, but feel the chains of life, hooked right to the ground at the crossroads of life.
I listen real close. I think I hear a train coming.
It must be right around the bend.
I try to free myself again, but I still can’t move.
These chains of life are heavy and darkness is closing in.
I believe I can feel the heat of the devil’s breath as he tries to trick me.
I start to fight and cry, but I cannot set myself free.
I stop and look straight ahead and the train is heading right for me.
I kneel down and pray.  I ask God to save me.
And as I look up straight ahead, I see the source of light is right in front of me.
God takes me by my hands and all my chains are now free.
I don’t look behind me because now there is light all around me.
The source of light straight ahead at the crossroad was Jesus Christ, who died to set me free.
When you are at the crossroad in your life, don’t look behind you, nor to the left or right, but look straight ahead;
Ahead to the source of light.
This light is Jesus Christ.

“The Source Of Light Straight Ahead At The Crossroad Of Life”
Written by Randal S. Aube on September 14th, 2014
© 2014 thejournalofanewcreation.com
Used with permission from Randal Aube on 9/14/2014