“I Have Started New” by Randal Aube

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Help me, Father, to fix this mess I call life.
All I ever wanted is to be a good Christian man, a loving Dad and a devoted husband!
Now, as I look around me, all I see is strife, too much pain and sorrow cutting me like a knife.
Please hear y cries, dear God.
This is my cry, because with you near, Lord, I no longer want to die.
You give me strength and cause me to soar high.
Help me up with your nail-scarred hands and remain forever high.
All my burdens, Father, I am giving them all to You.
As I let you carry me, Lord, I will never again feel so blue.
My heart is Yours to do with as you please because now I see that you are always there with me.
With my past dead and gone, I am born again with a new life to start all over, fresh and new, with a loving God. You!
Lord, thank you for my afflictions and for my chastenings too.
Because of them, I have grown closer to you.
Thank you, Lord, for loving me enough to take care of me the way you do.
Thank you, Jesus, I love you.

“I Have Started New”
Written by Randal S. Aube on July 4th, 2014
© 2014 thejournalofanewcreation.com
Used with permission from Randal Aube on 9/14/2014