“Saved By The Blood Of The Lamb” by Randall S Daluz

"Saved By The Blood Of The Lamb" by Randall S Daluz


Come now I have into the fold of light
From whence the darkness had hold of me
Clutching me in the grip of a seemingly endless night

Lost in the shadows was I
Walking a path of destruction
Beckoning death with every step to come nigh

In answer to my prayers came He
Granting me an undeserved pardon
With His love He set me free

On to my knees I fell
Praising and thanking Him for saving me
From the inferno of Hell

Now in His arms I am
No longer filthy for I
Have been cleansed by the blood of the Lamb

For eternity with Him shall I reign
Crowned with His glory
Never again knowing loss,
For in His majesty there is only Gain

Grateful am I to He
For bestowing such a wonderful gift
On a wretched sinner like me

“Saved By The Blood Of The Lamb”
Written by Randall S Daluz / Inspired by GOD
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