“Daddy’s Little Girl” by Randall S Daluz

Daddy's Little Girl written by Randall S Daluz


There is no way to describe the way a father loves his daughter
She’s a necessity to him like air or water

I knew you were special the first time I saw those big brown eyes
You’re more than I could have imagined, a truly wonderful surprise

I nervously paced all over the hospital room, while I waited for you to arrive
Life had no meaning back then, but then I saw you and suddenly I knew why I am alive

You filled me with joy and hope, the likes of which I cannot explain
You cleared the clouds, made the sunshine and took away the rain

You are a gift from heaven, sent to me from above
You are my angel, my pride and you taught me how to love

To me you are more precious than all the money, diamonds and gold in the world
You mean more to me than life and you shall always be daddy’s little girl

“Daddy’s Little Girl”
Written by Randall S Daluz
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