“The Beacon” by Randall S Daluz

"The Beacon" - Written by Randall S Daluz © 2014 thejournalofanewcreation.com All Rights Reserved


Through a fog that is thick, and a wind that howls like a crackling whip;
peering through the darkness shines a beacon of light from shore to ship.

Over many miles it travels to make our connection.
Offering us guidance, safety, hope, and a sense of direction.

Without it we would be lost wandering Aimlessly blind,
With feelings of hopelessness, and despair plaguing our mind.

Oh Lord we thank you for the light that you give;
For it is the source of our faith, and our reason to live.

“The Beacon”
Written by Randall S Daluz
© 2014 thejournalofanewcreation.com All Rights Reserved