“My Father And I” by Randall S Daluz

My Father And I - by Randall S Daluz


My Father and I walk together along the winding road;
When it troubles me and is too heavy, He helps me carry my load.

At night we sit together and gaze up at the stars;
We speak of triumphs and victories and the meaning of my battle scars.

I ask my Father why life has so many struggles and tends to be unkind;
He says, “Son, it is all necessary…
for it strengthens the spirit and sharpens up the mind.”

I query my Father, “When shall this journey end?”
And He always says, “Someday…
Just take solace and comfort knowing
that I will be with you every step of the way.”

“My Father And I”
Written by Randall S Daluz
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