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Count Every Blessing

2nd Thessalonians 1:3  “We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as it is fitting, because your faith grows exceedingly, and the love of every one of you all abounds toward each other”

Dearly beloved: May GOD’s grace, peace, love and joy be ever upon you.  WOW!  Lots going on here in America.  A lot of civil unrest over the election of Donald Trump.  It is sad.  I, for one, am waiting and watching.  It is too early to say if Trump will be good for us, but I can tell you that I like some of what I see.  I am hope-full.  Well, it has been a very busy time for me. I got a job working in the prison kitchen.  I load trays.  It is menial work, but it is fulfilling none-the-less.  I am not in my cell too much because I work six and a half hours, six days a week.  The downside is, I have to wake up at 4:30am.  It will take getting used to.  Other than that, I gotta tell you that I very much enjoy working.  It feels good to work an honest job.  Plus, it has given me access to more prisoners.  That means more opportunities to spread the gospel.  Please pray for me.  The other day I debated with a fellow who claims he is a satanist.  He has “satan’s minion” tattooed on his face.  I found myself defending my faith in our Lord.  I stood my ground and I may have even planted a few seeds. (more…)

Dear God, Thank You!

http://gratisography.com/pictures/86_1.jpgPsalm 95:1-3  Oh come, let us sing to the Lord!  Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation.  Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving;  Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms.  For the Lord is the great God, And the great King above all gods.”

Dear Readers,  Grace, love, peace and joy unto you, my beautiful brothers and sisters.  To all my American readers, Happy Thanksgiving.  Though I am serving an unjust life sentence for crimes that I did not commit, and though I have been in solitary confinement for four months now; I am never-the-less thankful.  I have so much to be grateful for… my salvation, my family, my peace, my joy, et cetera, et cetera.  This year, I am especially thankful for two of my very best friends, Tom and Terry Shuford.  They are both amazing people, though they are too humble to realize that themselves.  God has done so much for me, not the least of which was putting Tom and Terry in my life.  I am so thankful for them, Father.  Praise Your Name, Lord!

I first met my buddy, Tom, in April of 2014, just before my trial started.  Terry wrote me letters back then and she began visiting me a few months later.  That was a very stressful time in my life.  If it were not for the Lord blessing me with Tom and Terry, as well as my good friend, Deborah, I don’t know how I would have made it this far.  The Lord did most of the work, but their support was and is crucial to my stability.   (more…)