Connected By Christ

ConnectedByChristRomans 8:28  And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Dearly Beloved:
Greetings, blessings, peace, love, joy and grace unto you.  Amen!
Have you ever experienced an ominous connection between the people, places and things in your life?  I truly believe that there is purpose and meaning in everything we experience.  As Christians in possession of the Holy Spirit, our eyes become opened as we awaken to the truth of the light.  As we grow in our faith, we engage in a spiritual transformation.  We see the world through the eyes of JESUS.  Things which were once hidden are gradually revealed.  Hidden within the fabric of life, there is a single thread which ties everything, every event, every living thing, every micro-gram of matter together.

How many strange and unexplained “coincidences” have you experienced?  Think about it!  How many times have you thought of yourself as lucky?  Your rent is past due and suddenly some completely unexpected money appears.  You decide to run an errand after work which takes you a different route home and you later find out there was a tragic and fatal accident on your normal route which you avoided by feeling compelled to run that errand.  Maybe you get an overwhelming urge to check on your elderly parents and when you get to their home and use your spare key to enter you discover that they are passed out and unresponsive; so you dial 911 and get help and later at the hospital a doctor tells you that they were experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning and if you hadn’t showed up when you did, they would have died.  Let me tell you something… luck and coincidence had nothing to do with whatever eerie circumstances you’ve had.  No sir!  What you experienced was good, old fashioned, Divine intervention.

What happens to us is far from random.  God has a plan for us, but most of us sleep through it blinded by sin and corruption.  Many people fail to receive the blessings that GOD has intended for them.  How many times have you said to yourself, “I am lucky to be alive!”?  No, you are not.  You are blessed to be alive.  Let me let you in on a little secret.  There is no such thing as luck.  Everything that is meant to be will be.  You are either blessed or you are not.  GOD wants to bless all of us, but not all of us want to be blessed.  A lot of people forgo their blessings in pursuit of fleshly passions.  By doing so, they are, in effect, exchanging bars of gold for useless lumps of coal.  Pleasure and joy are not one and the same.  You see, pleasure fades while joy lasts forever.  In our carnal sinful pursuit of pleasure, we often miss out on true joy.  But I digress.

Everything is connected in Jesus.  He is the thread that ties all together.  The fact that you are even reading this blog is so much more than mere coincidence.  Let me tell you of a recent event that happened.  I wrote the post “ALL SOULS MATTER !” last week.  It is about the Orlando massacre and the need for all people everywhere to realize that all souls matter regardless of race, sexual preference, gender or creed.  This is not an ideal that is unique to myself; for it is inherent in all true believers.  While searching for graphics for the post, my dear sister in Christ who maintains this site came across a news article showing a picture of t-shirts that say ALL SOULS MATTER. messaged the man who owns the site that sells the shirts and found out that he and others have started an All Souls Matter movement.  Not only that, but he had actually recorded a gospel song titled All SOULS MATTER and the lyrics go perfectly with the post that I wrote.  What is amazing is that I have never met this man.  We are from two different worlds, in many ways, yet GOD has given us both the same message and through a series of events, which formerly made no sense, has brought the two of us together to serve His glory.

There is nothing random about what is happening.  I fully and wholeheartedly believe that it is through Divine providence that our paths have crossed.  For me, it is yet more affirmation that I am on the right path.  I am serving the Lord’s purpose.  I am doing what I have always been meant to do.  It is all part of His Divine plan.  GLORY TO GOD! HALLELUJAH!  PRAISE YOU, JESUS!  THANK YOU, LORD!  AMEN AND AMEN!  I am not worthy; yet, HE saw fit to use me for HIS purpose.

This connection is one of many.  This entire lifelong journey that I am on has all been connected to and working toward HIS will.  When we are blind, we never really piece it all together.  But, now that my eyes are open, I see the splendor of HIS plan for most of my life.  When I was lost; my true purpose escaped me.  Now, I finally realize that it is all relative (or, in relation to God’s greater plan.)  That is not to say that God in any way condones our sinful choices or does not hold us responsible for them.  But, despite the acts of mankind, He is always in control and works all things together according to His purpose.  Everything that I have been through has been leading to the path of glory – the good, the bad and the ugly.  All of it has purpose.  Click here for further reading on Divine providence.

I have many more examples to share with you, but I shall save them for another time.  I want all of you to stop and think of the meaning of all that you have experienced in this life.  Connect the dots, awaken to the truth, arise and shine my beautiful brothers and sisters.  I want you to realize that we are all connected by CHRIST.  Never again dismiss anything as mere coincidence.

May God bless and keep you!  May you see the Divine plan for your life!  May you realize that everything is connected in Christ!  Amen!
Love in Christ,
(A man whose life is connected by and through Jesus)