Be The Lord’s Ground ! 8:15  But the ones that fell on the good ground are those who, having heard the word with a noble and good heart, keep it and bear fruit with patience.

Dearly beloved:
May God’s grace, blessings, peace and joy be ever upon you.
Have you ever done any gardening or farming?  For those of you who haven’t, allow me to break a few things down for you about the process.  The first step is to find good, fertile ground.  The soil must be rich and well balanced with proper minerals and just the right pH level.  It should be well irrigated and on flat ground to insure optimum saturation.  It should be in an area that receives plenty of sunshine.  Next, the land needs to be cleared and tilled.  It needs to be sectioned in alignment.  Finally, it is ready to be moistened and seeded.

Jesus explains to us in Luke chapter 8, “The Parable of the Sower”, that spreading the Word is comparable to planting gardens or farming.  The person must be fertile ground with rich soil in order for the Word [or seed] to take root and properly grow.  We need to be stripped bare and tilled by our trials and tribulations, fertilized by the need to change, and a hunger for love.  We need to be willing to submit to the Sower, or Farmer, if you will.  We need to open ourselves up to Him, accept Him and allow ourselves to be saturated with His Holy Spirit.  Amen!  It is then and only then that we can be properly seeded and produce a beautiful, strong and righteous crop for our Farmer, our Father, The Almighty God!  Hallelujah!  Praise His Name!  Thank you, Jesus.  Amen and Amen!

Now, let me tell you folks, I did not start out as fertile ground.  Sure, there was some rich soil in me, but it was full of weeds and stones.  Instead of allowing my struggles to till me and prepare me for the Lord’s seeds, I let them corrupt me and harden me.  Thus, I was unreceptive to the Lord’s seeds.  No farmer would have chosen to plant seeds in me.  To them it would have been too much work.  But, where others saw useless land, my Father, my Farmer, Jesus Christ saw opportunity.  And, when I found myself trapped in the hellish nightmare which led to my unlawful incarceration, God saw an opportunity.  For reasons which are far beyond my comprehension, the Lord spared my life.  [There are no words to thank Him enough.]  You see, once I started begging and pleading in fervent prayer for Him to save me, the weeds and stones were cleared and I was ready to be seeded.  You see, I was such stubborn ground that it was only when I was in the worst situation I had ever faced, humbled by fear and overwhelmed by desperation, that I could finally submit to my Father, my Farmer, Jesus Christ.  The seeds of His word have taken root in me and by His will I shall produce good crops.

I know that some of you have been hardened by this world.  You have been beaten and battered, mistreated and abused.  It has corrupted you with weeds and stones.  You may feel like nobody loves you or cares about you.  You may feel forsaken and left out.  Well, I am here to tell you that God loves you and so do I.  I am here to tell you that Jesus wants you even if nobody else does.

Let me ask you something.  Do you feel like you don’t belong in this world?  Good!  Because you don’t.  You belong with Jesus and all of us who serve Him.  Do you want purpose and meaning?  Do you want a sense of peace and joy?  Do you want to be filled with so much love that it bursts out of you and pours on to others?  Are you ready to be part of something that is enormously bigger than you?  Well, come on baby!  Come on down!
You can pray a prayer something like this right now – speak it to God in your heart and mind…..
“Dear Jesus, I know that because of my sin I need Your forgiveness.  I believe that You died on the cross for my sins.  I believe You rose again so I could live with You.  I want to stop living for myself and start living for You.  I want Your peace in my life. I want forgiveness for my sins.  Please come into my heart and change my life.  I want to live with You forever.  I want You to be my Lord and Savior.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.”
…..and then submit, submit, submit to the Lord.

It’s okay if you’re broken.  To the Lord, broken people are the best kind.  Hallelujah!  Good God Almighty!  Shout Amen!  Praise Jesus!  Thank you, Lord!  Come on and get weeded, cleared of corrupt stones, tilled, fertilized, baptized and seeded.  Come on, now is the time.  Do not be shy.  If you have accepted the Lord after reading this, we want to hear from you.  Please contact me or leave a message on the site.  It’s okay to remain anonymous.  We just want to share in your joy and guide you in any way that we can.  I love you all and I accept you as my brothers and sisters.  Remember to love God, yourself and each other.

The Parable of the Sower – Luke 8:4-8
And when a great multitude had gathered, and they had come to Him from every city, He spoke by a parable: “A sower went out to sow his seed. And as he sowed, some fell by the wayside; and it was trampled down, and the birds of the air devoured it. Some fell on rock; and as soon as it sprang up, it withered away because it lacked moisture. And some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprang up with it and choked it. But others fell on good ground, sprang up, and yielded a crop a hundredfold.” When He had said these things He cried, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”

May God bless and keep you!  May you allow yourself to be fertile ground!  May you allow the seeds of the Lord to take root and grow!  Amen!  I love you and more importantly, God loves you!
Love in Christ,
(A man who is thankful for the seeds which my Farmer and Father, Jesus Christ, has planted in me)